Dec 19

How To Get Your Man To Spend Less Time With His Buddies And More Time With You

Do you ever feel annoyed that your man spends too much time with his buddies? Does it bother you that he gets annoyed when you ask him to spend more time with you? Why is Boys’ Night Out so important for your man? Read on to discover how to make your man WILLINGLY spend less time with his buddies and more time with you

Before talking about how to make a man spend less time with his buddies, I want to first discuss why Boys’ Night Out is so important for him.

Guys generally consider Boys’ Night Out as something every guy does. It’s a cool thing to do. It’s part of their male identity. It signifies freedom and gives him the reassurance that settling down with a woman doesn’t change anything about him (yeah, right!)

When a woman tries to talk a guy out of taking Boys’ Night Out, he gets defensive and annoyed. Suddenly, he feels that he has to fight for his freedom.

Because of this way of thinking, asking a guy to stop hanging around too much with his buddies and spend more time with you never works. Even worse, it’s going to make him resent you for taking away his freedom. But, I have a solution for you. Read on to discover how …

The next time your man wants to go out with his buddies, say Yes cheerfully. And let him know that you’ve made that day your girls’ night out. Well, monkey see, monkey do. When your man sees you dress up and look fabulous for girls’ night out, he won’t be thinking about how much fun he’ll get with his buddies. What he’ll be thinking about the number of times you’ll get hit on by men who may be younger, more successful, and more good-looking than he is. To make this work, have girls’ night out at a location where single guys like to hang out a sports bar, a sports events, or a social dance class. This should get your guy jealous enough to want to spend more time with you. If not, what do you have to lose? You get an exciting, fun night out with your girlfriends to catch up, joke around, and laugh

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